Shawnessy Dentist – Helping Create Your Dream Smile

Shawnessy Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – has been making patients smile for decades.  Providing dental care to families in South Calgary – this Calgary Dentist focuses on offering his patients the highest level of attention – both in the dental chair and throughout the entire dental appointment.

Dr. Hoe is passionate about researching the latest methods, technology, and approaches to General Dentistry – this includes following-up on ‘trends’ to establish the merit behind today’s dental procedures.  Believing in dentistry that restores a patient’s dental health through thorough preventative care, and restorative procedures that take a conservative approach with minimal removal of healthy tissue.  This Shawnessy Dentist relies on Cerec – One Appointment Crowns – to restore teeth that require crowns, veneers, and inlays – as this method greatly reduces tooth sensitivity, eliminates the need for impressions, and keeps as much natural tooth structure as possible.  This translates to dentistry that looks great, is completed in just a little over an hour, and performs as well as your natural tooth.

Dr. Andy Hoe and his team at Bite Dental in Shawnessy make continuing education a priority – as staying on top of procedures, materials, and controversial information allows this dental team to support patients and help them reach their optimal level of dental health.  Helping patients regain or maintain a desired level of oral health includes advising patients on dental procedures that would best serve their oral needs.  This requires knowledge of dental insurance protocols, maximums, and eligibility.  Once a patient has provided Bite Dental with accurate and current dental information; the team is happy to assist patients understand their dental plan – and how it may impact dental treatment.

Making patients smile comes easy to this Shawnessy Dental Office – as years of experience has taught this team to focus on providing great dentistry, great care, and great service – enabling patients to relax and stay focused on achieving their dream smile.  Dr. Hoe and his team have extensive experience in administering Sedation Dentistry – and can attest to the many benefits Conscious Oral Sedation provides nervous and/or anxiety prone patients.  Sedation Dentistry has enabled many patients to forget all about phobias, fears, and anxiety – and receive needed dental treatment while remaining calm and relaxed.

Dr. Hoe and his team at Bite Dental welcome patients enquiries regarding dental services and insurance billing.  Welcoming new patients to his Shawnessy office – Dr. Hoe encourages patients to call today to schedule an appointment – 403.201.2483




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