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Aging Gracefully – Keeping Your Teeth For Life

Surprisingly it’s not getting old that leads to tooth loss, but the effects of unmanaged gum disease.  Gum disease can occur in patients of all ages, but as we age gum disease can impact our oral health greatly, so stopping this destructive disease in its tracks is an important step in maintaining optimum dental health.

SW Calgary Dentist, Dr. Andy Hoe, welcomes patients of

Sedation Dentistry in SW Calgary

Sedation Dentistry Offered In South Calgary

Sedation Dentistry in South Calgary allows the most anxious and fearful of dental patients move forward with treatment that they have been putting off for too long. Creating a sense of calmness, being relaxed and in control, Sedation Dentistry makes even the most involved procedures a breeze for both the patient

How To Tell If Your Child Needs Braces

Shawnessy Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – is a Calgary Dentist and father who understands how important a child’s smile is.  Concerns about tooth eruption, size, and position is a common issue for today’s busy parents – so Dr. Hoe has some tips on how to tell when it’s time to seek professional advice.

Baby teeth, or primary dentition, begin to erupt at

One Appointment Crowns in Calgary

Wondering how you’ll find the time to get your dentistry completed before Christmas?  Well there are options available that allow you to complete necessary dentistry without taking time away from Christmas parties and shoppingUtilizing the technology of Cerec One Appointment Crowns enables dentists in Calgary to provide strong, durable, and esthetically pleasing crowns, veneers, and inlays in just one dental

Whiten Your Teeth For Christmas

Does your stained or darkened teeth have you worried about an upcoming Christmas party and the potential for photos?  Don’t stress over dull teeth, as a session of Zoom Whitening System will have your teeth as white as snow in no time.  This teeth whitening system from Philips, the maker of the trusted Sonicare Toothbrush,…

Healthy Food for Your Teeth

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Grabbing a snack that’s both satisfying and healthy for your smile can be challenging as often the most convenient thing on hand is laden with sugar.  Shawnessy Dentist - Dr. Andy Hoe – wants dental patients in Calgary to be able to enjoy food and keep healthy, vibrant teeth.

This South West Calgary Dentist explains that the best thing patients can do for their…

Oral Piercing – Know the Facts

Tattoos and piercings have become a normal sight on people of all ages and lifestyle choices.  Considered an expression of both individuality and also an opportunity to fit in – body art is a way of bonding with  your peeps or forging your own path.  But when it comes to oral piercings there are a few negatives associated with a tongue…

Call Your Calgary Dentist if You Have a Dry Socket

In previous blogs we discussed the challenges of dealing with dry mouth – a condition that exists due to a lack of saliva flow that is sometimes caused by taking certain medications, diuretics, and some medical conditions.  There are effective products on the market to deal with dry mouth – as if left unaddressed can contribute to an increase in tooth

Dental Crowns and Veneers

Calgary Dentists spend many hours placing crowns and veneers to improve patients’ dental health and smiles’.  Whether the goal is to restore a tooth that has been chipped or broken, improve size and shape of a tooth, strength a tooth that has an existing large filling, or to hide any signs of discolouration on front teeth – crowns and veneers offer…

Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

Dentists in Calgary love to help create beautiful white smiles – it’s what they are instinctively drawn to do, based on the numerous rewards a patient gains from having healthy teeth.  Our previous blogs have highlighted the many overall health benefits that are attained from maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  Just so you’re not tempted to slack off on the daily brushing and flossing