Why Do I Need To Crown My Tooth?

One Appointment Crowns In CalgaryThere are many reasons why a tooth needs crown coverage.  The important thing to remember is if your tooth is causing you discomfort, don’t delay seeing your Calgary Dentist as early diagnosis and treatment can often prevent the need for more extensive procedures, like root canal treatment or possibly the need to extract the tooth.…

Cerec ‘Same Day Crowns’ Technology Available In Calgary

Cerec by Sirona Dental Systems is a proven restorative technique that has been used by dentists around the world since 1986.

This technique allows dentists to create a permanent crown, bridge, inlay or veneer in just one dental appointment.  Cerec or CERamic REConstruction uses 3D computer aided design to fabricate a strong, esthetically pleasing,…

The Advantages of One Appointment Crowns

SW Calgary Dental OfficeDr. Andy Hoe, of Bite Dental in Calgary, has been using Cerec technology for the past 18 years to place dental restorations.  During this time, Dr. Hoe and his staff have witnessed the many advantages this technique presents.

It’s not just that you receive your new crown, inlay, veneer or bridge in one dental appointment; there are many other advantages to

Same Day Crowns In Calgary

Same Day Crowns If you’ve ever had to have a dental crown placed; possibly due to a cracked tooth, to replace an existing large metal restoration (filling), after a root canal or for esthetic reasons, you probably recall the process consisting of more than one appointment.  Most people feel that one dental appointment is more than enough; that’s why ‘Same Day Crowns’ or ‘One

South Calgary Dentist Provides Same Day Crowns

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One Appointment Crowns In an age where time is precious, but so is your smile, Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental, in the community of Shawnessy, South West Calgary has the answer.

Cerec same day crowns will have you smiling in record time.

This proven, effective dental technology removes the need for multiple dental appointments when placing crowns.…