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Dental Care In Calgary – Taking Care of Seniors

Maintaining great oral hygiene can keep you denture free and smiling well in to your golden years.  Our previous blogs have explained that tooth loss is attributed to periodontal disease – which can be prevented when diagnosed early and treated accordingly.  Getting older doesn’t mean tooth loss and dentures - but it does mean taking care of your dental health.

Shawnessy Dentist – Dr.

Dental Insurance – Use It or Lose It

Filed under: Calgary Dentist,Dental Insurance - 21 Dec 2013

Insuance-Benefits-1If you are fortunate enough to have dental benefits, now is a great time to get any outstanding dental treatment completed before 2014.  Many dental insurance policies renew on January 1st of each year – and any unused coverage that you may have from the previous year is lost.  If you know that you’re overdue for a check-up and cleaning, or

Back To School – Time for a Dental Exam in Calgary

As crazy as it seems – the new school year is just around the corner – so now is the time to schedule your family in for a check-up and cleaning.  South Calgary DentistDr. Andy Hoe – has two young children, and understands how busy family life can become once school starts so encourages you to bring

How Wearing a Night Guard Protects Your Dental Health

There are many benefits to wearing a night guard.  The ultimate purpose of a night guard is to decrease the forces of grinding and clenching so that destruction to teeth and dental tissues can be reduced.

Clenching and grinding of teeth is a common occurrence that affects most people at some stage of life.  Grinding and clenching can lead to flat…

Dental Insurance In South Calgary Dental Office

Dental insurance in Calgary can provide individuals with an opportunity to move forward with dental treatment they may otherwise delay or put off.

Those with dental coverage have usually attained it as part of their employee benefit package through work. The employer secures the insurance by acquiring quotes from several insurance companies and choosing the coverage that they (the employer) feels…