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Call Your Calgary Dentist if You Have a Dry Socket

In previous blogs we discussed the challenges of dealing with dry mouth – a condition that exists due to a lack of saliva flow that is sometimes caused by taking certain medications, diuretics, and some medical conditions.  There are effective products on the market to deal with dry mouth – as if left unaddressed can contribute to an increase in tooth

Shawnessy Dentist – Providing Dental Care for You and Your Family

Dr. Andy Hoe has been providing dental care to the communities of Shawnessy, Evergreen, Midnapore and Sundance for many years.  This South Calgary Dentist is experienced in providing general dentistry to patients of all ages – and all levels of dental confidence.  Whether it’s SEDATION DENTISTRY or ONE APPOINTMENT SAME DAY CROWNS you’re looking for; Dr.

Evergreen Sundance and Midnapore Dentist – Keeping You Smiling

Your smile is your signature – that’s why choosing a Calgary Dentist to take of your of pearly whites is an important decisionCalgary is fortunate to have access to world-class dentistry and provides no shortage of great dentists in all areas of the city.

South Calgary Dentist Dr. Andy Hoe, of Bite Dental in South Calgary, treats dental patients from

Shawnessy Dental Office Offers Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

At Bite Dental, located in Shawnessy South Calgary, patients don’t have to worry about feeling anxious about dental treatment.  This South Calgary Dental Office provides patients with the option of Sedation Dentistry.

Oral Sedation involves taking a medication prior to your dental appointment so that during treatment you are in a relaxed, calm state.  Because you are not unconscious you will…

Sedation Dentistry Offered In Calgary

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary allows the most fearful of dental patients to move forward with treatment that they have been avoiding for too long. Creating a sense of being calm, relaxed and in control, Sedation Dentistry makes even the most involved procedures a breeze for both the patient and dentist.

Sedation Dentistry has been available to patients for decades.  Originally geared…

Oral Sedation…A Viable Option For The Nervous Dental Patient In Calgary

Fear and anxiety regarding dentistry still persists today; despite advances in local anesthetic (freezing) and the level of physical comfort and distractions some dental offices offer their patients – TV’s and foot massages to name just  a few.

Though some fear of the dentist may exist in all of us in varying degrees, there is a portion of dental patients whose fear…

Sedation Dentistry…How It Works

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary opens the door to dental health to even the most reluctant, nervous dental patient.  Nobody wants dental treatment, but for most of us, we can muster up the courage to commit to moving forward with treatment. But for some people the thought of sitting in the dental chair can put them in a complete panic attack.


Stress Free Dentistry Available In Calgary

Receiving a high level of clinical expertise is only part of the dental experience.  Feeling relaxed, calm, and at ease throughout the dental appointment is vital to ensure treatment success and the patient’s overall experience.  Calgary Dentists strive to provide an appointment experience that is pain and worry free as patients ease, and confidence in the dental team, contributes to patients…

For A Great Smile In Calgary…Turn To Bite Dental

Sedation Dentistry in South CalgaryFrom the moment you enter the doors of Bite Dental in Shawnessy Calgary you will notice that it’s a Calgary Dental Office that truly caters to every patient’s needs – from Calgary Families seeking routine dental care, to the Nervous Dental Patient who may require an extra dose of TLC to get through a dental procedure – Bite Dental truly is…

Restoring A Tooth In Calgary With An Inlay Or Onlay

OOptins For Amalgam Fillngs In Calgary ur last post talked about the importance of placing a crown when a tooth is weakened due to damage, having a root canal or being heavily restored with a filling.

What are the options for restoring a tooth when a crown is not necessary, but a simple filling is not adequate?

An Inlay is similar to a filling and sits inside…