Pediatric Dentistry in South Calgary

08 May 2014
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babyWhy are baby teeth important?  Baby teeth serve two major functions – speech and chewing development and saving space for your child’s permanent teeth.  Because baby teeth (primary dentition) are considered non-permanent; often there is a lack of relevance placed on these teeth – but the reality is that a child’s first set of teeth have a long-term impact on the

Extracting Wisdom Teeth in Calgary

28 Apr 2014
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Nobody likes the idea of having to have a tooth extracted – after all we’re bombarded with information on ‘how to keep your teeth for a lifetime’, so the mere mention of having to have a tooth removed makes us wonder if we’re doing a good enough job of keeping our teeth healthy. 

Dentists in South Calgary – How to Choose?

20 Apr 2014
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There is no shortage of great dentists in Calgary.  From dentists offering Sedation Dentistry, One Appointment Crowns, Cosmetic Dental Care, Teeth Whitening Options, and Routine Dental Treatment - Calgary has some of the best Dentists any city has to offer.  So how do you choose a Dentist in South Calgary that provides the care and attention you need…

Dental Crowns in Just One Appointment

10 Apr 2014
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The convenience and precision of Cerec – One Appointment Crowns – has patients looking forward to visiting the dentist.  Since it’s launch in 1985 – this efficient method of restoring patients teeth and smiles has evolved to accommodate the most intricate and detailed dental restorations.

Developed at the University of Zurich in 1980 by Professor Werner H. Mörmann and Doctor Marco…

Smiling…It’s Good For Your Heart

01 Apr 2014
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zoom-Whitening-CalgaryHave you smiled today?  Believe it or not, many people go days without cracking a hint of a smile – not only does it seem sad, but reports tell us that there are numerous health benefits associated with smiling – and when you have the smile you’ve always wanted, showing those pearly whites is fun.

From reducing high blood pressure to…

Clenching and Grinding in Migraine Sufferers

22 Mar 2014
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Migraine Headaches are a debilitating condition that strike people of all ages and affect 1 in 4 Canadian households.  Triggered by both environmental and physiological stimulants – Migraine and Tension Headaches contribute to over  7 million lost workdays in Canada statistics Canada - rendering a sufferer incapacitated for an average of three days.

Dentists in Calgary are able to provide relief

Is It Safe To Have My Teeth Cleaned During Pregnancy?

13 Mar 2014
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Pregnant dental patients are often confused regarding the safety of seeing a Calgary Dentist for a routine dental cleaning during pregnancy.   Regular dental cleanings during pregnancy are highly recommended as fluctuating hormone levels can cause havoc in the mouth – contributing to puffy gums, gingivitis and gum disease.

Recent studies suggest a link between gum disease and premature delivery – meaning that regular dental cleanings during…

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary – How it Can Help Calm Dental Anxiety

06 Mar 2014
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Sedation Dentistry in Calgary  has calmed many an anxious dental patient and provided a way for fearful patients to receive dental care while remaining comfortable and stress-free.

For most adult dental patients - fear that is experienced when facing dental treatment usually developed during childhood and has resulted in years of dreaded dental appointments or the delaying of necessary care.  Consequently; the avoidance of dental treatment results

Toothache in Calgary – How it happens and what you can do to prevent it

25 Feb 2014
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There’s no denying, toothache just isn’t fun.  Thought to be primarily caused by dental decay; toothache can actually be brought on by several dental issues ranging from Gum Disease, Tooth Eruption, Temperature Sensitivity, Clenching and Grinding, and TMJ concerns.  Regardless of what causes toothache, the bottom line is that a tooth, or teeth, aren’t happy and require some dental attention from…

Dental Care In Calgary – Taking Care of Seniors

19 Feb 2014
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Maintaining great oral hygiene can keep you denture free and smiling well in to your golden years.  Our previous blogs have explained that tooth loss is attributed to periodontal disease – which can be prevented when diagnosed early and treated accordingly.  Getting older doesn’t mean tooth loss and dentures - but it does mean taking care of your dental health.

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